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Onyeka's Favorites
  • Makeup Shoot
    Hello everyone, nice to have you here again. Today I will be sharing some pictures from a photo shoot i did with a childhood family friend. I just happen to meet Chima when she came to visit her sister and we bumped into each other. I offered to do makeup on her and she agreed :) Here is what I came up with
    by Onyeka
    With what I have seen so far, most women have something on their skin that they wish they could make disappear. However if this cant be permanently achieved, one should go for cosmetics to temporarily hide it. A foundation or concealer can do this trick.
    by Onyeka
    Even after applying makeup, dark circles under the eyes can make your makeup look rough, most remedies for dark circle often works slowly (See home remedy for dark circle). While you wait, try these few steps to achieve a flawless look
    by Onyeka